Fiberglass  tape

Self adhesive fiberglass tape is woven from C-fiberglass yarn, then coated with adhesive acrylic latex.Save considerable time and eliminate one step of mudding when combining the self adhesive mesh tape with a setting compound.
The mesh tape’s open weave construction will allow moisture to evaporate evenly and much more quickly without the worry of bubbles and blistering when compared to paper tapes.

Purpose: Repair of drywall, gypsum panel seams, cracks in various walls and other wall damage
Main properties: excellent alkaline resistance, durability: high tensile strength and deformation resistance, anti-crack: non-deterioration, foam: excellent self-adhesive, no need for pre-coating, fast use,
easy construction.
Specification: 8 × 8.9 × 9 meters/in: 55-85 g/m2.
Width: 25-1000 MM: Length: 10-153 M.
Color: usually white.

Usage method
1. Keep the walls clean and dry.
2. Tape the cracks and press them down.
3. Make sure that the gap is covered with tape, then cut off the excess tape with a knife, and finally brush the mortar.
4. Let it dry naturally, and then use the construction hammer to gently polish.
5. Fill enough paint to make the wall surface smooth.
6. Remove the leaked tape. Then, note that all the cracks have been properly repaired, and the surrounding seams are modified with fine composite materials to make them clean as new.

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