1. EIFS (External Wall Insulation and Insulation System) Wall Reinforced Mesh Cloth

EIFS wall reinforced mesh fabric is made of medium alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn as raw material through weaving and gluing process. The product has the characteristics of high alkali resistance and good tension resistance. EIFS wall reinforcement mesh cloth is widely used in the external wall of the construction industry to enhance the appearance and renovation of the external wall. EIFS system is very solid, powerful and cost-effective in the long run! And it is suitable for all kinds of architectural styles and shapes!

  1. Thin Layer Plastering

The fiberglass mesh avoids the formation of clefts and haircracks on the plaster layer by distribution on the whole surface the tension caused by external agents. Light and thin meshes are normally recormmended for the revovation of facades or internal walls.


  1. ThickLayer Plastering  

The fiberglass mesh acts as a reinforcement of the plaster and prevents haircracks and clefts caused by movements of the underlying elements(bricks, prefabricated or lightweight blocks etc.) or by external agents. The mesh width can vary according to the granulometry of the plaster: rough plasters require wider mesh, fine renders have to be reinforced with finer mesh.

Used type to mesh:

CNP10x10-110g, CNP10x10-125g, CNP10x10-145g


  1. Mosaic back mounting 

The mosaic mesh is made of glass fiber mesh cloth. Usually the weft yarn in weaving should be changed to bulky yarn. The back of the mosaic is padded with expanded yarn to maximize the viscous surface of the mosaic. The mesh cloth must have high mechanical toughness and waterproof performance, so that it can be well applied to swimming pools, taps and other places where mosaics are needed. This kind of mesh cloth, which is suitable for special glue coating process, provides good stickiness in both high temperature and cold climate.

Normally used specifications are:

5X5-90g、4×5-100g、4×5-110 etc.

  1. Marble slab Reinforcement 

Fiberglass mesh is used in combination with epoxy or polyester resins to protect marble slabs against breaking, impact and bending stress. This technique is known as “netting” and is widely used to reinforce or to recover marble slabs, both manually and automatically. The meshes used for this application are producted in several widths in order to match marble slab dimensions, thus reducing scraps.

Used type of mesh:CNP5X5-80g, CNP4X5-100g, CNP5X5-110g, CNP5X5-125g


  1. Fiberglass for Corner beads 

fiberglass mesh is ideal for Aluminum comers beads. The special coating of the mesh grants excellent bonding with glues. Aluminium corners beads with the fiberglass net are used to secure the corners in warming systems based on foamed polystyrene and wool.They can be also applied everywhere, where securing against the mechanical damages and sharp edges of the walls is required.

Used type of mesh:CNP4X5-100, CNP5X5-110, CNP5X5-125, etc.


  1. Roof-waterproofing mesh

The fiberglass mesh has a plain weave with a warp made of a single yarn and w weft made of texturized yarn. The woven meshes have a surface finish based on PVAc with added starch and water proof substances.

Use:Reinfrcement for the production of heavy bituminous belt especially assigned for

The insulation of a flat building”s roofs

Insulation against pressured ground water

The protection of underground steel pipes


  1. Fiberglass wall covering fabrics

Fiberglass wall covering fabric is a kind of wall surface decoration materials which has been prevailing in America and Europe for ten years. Our fiberglass walll covering has more than 20 designs and is popular used at airport, hospital, hotel, subway, stadium, cinema, international exhibition center, hospital, school, office building and household decorations etc. Fiberglass wall covering has some virtues such as ventilative, go mouldy, resist crackle, no fall off, three-dimensional pattern, can be changed color, can be mended, not burn, does not release poisonous gas when high temperature ect.


  1. Alkai-resistant(AR) fiberglass chopped strand

Alkai-resistant(AR) fiberglass chopped strand is a chopped use in strand by reinforced size or by water dispersible size. It is the base material used to make glass reinforced cement(GRC). It is light, high in strength, incombustible and easy to design and shape. GRC products are widely used in the building industry.


Used for premixed GRC

Two types available: premixed and water-dispersed

Available Length:6,12,24mm(1/4”,1/2” and 1”)