Mesh tape,from china supplier who is Danyang NQ Glass Fiber Weaving Co., Ltd

Apply adhesive-backed mesh tape to avoid fussing with paper tape while you spread joint compound.

Using paper tape to strengthen joints. But in less-skilled hands, paper tape can ripple, slip out of place or trap air bubbles. If you push too hard as you embed paper tape, you’ll squeeze out all the joint compound behind it and the tape will peel off later. Adhesive-backed drywall joint tape eliminates all those glitches. Just stick it in place and it stays put, leaving you free to concentrate on spreading a smooth coat of mud. And since it doesn’t require an underlying layer of compound, mesh allows for a thinner buildup over butt joints and repairs. You can use mesh anywhere except inside corners.

But adhesive fiberglass mesh tape has one weakness (literally): It’s not as strong as paper. To compensate, you have to cover it with setting-type joint compound, which is stronger than premixed compound (see tip below). Apply mesh tape no more than a few hours before you’re ready to cover it. Left uncovered, it will eventually fall off.