Fiberglass tape is a tool for repairing joints between drying board walls and gypsum boards.
It has excellent alkali resistance and durability.


Repair cracks in drying board walls, plasterboard joints, various walls and other wall surfaces
Main performance
Excellent alkali resistance, durability: high tensile strength and anti deformation, crack prevention: no deterioration, no foam: excellent self.
Viscosity, insulation and heat conduction, high temperature resistance.
It does not require pre-coating. It is fast and easy to build.
Specification: 8 x 8.9 x 9 mesh/inch: 55-85 g/m2.
Width: 25-1,000 mm: Length: 10-153 M

Construction method
1. Keep the walls clean and dry.
2. Put tape on the crack and press it tightly.
3. Make sure that the gap is covered by tape. Then cut off the tape with a knife and brush with mortar.
4. Let it air-dry naturally and then polish gently.
5. Fill in enough paint to make its surface smooth.
6. Remove the leaking tape. Then, notice that all the cracks have been properly repaired, and fine composite materials will be used to modify the surrounding of the repair to make it as clean as new.