Fiberglass mesh fabric is made of glass fiber fabric and is impregnated with high temperature emulsion.
Therefore, it has good alkali resistance, flexibility and high latitude and longitude tensile resistance, can be widely used in wall insulation, waterproof, crack resistance.
Glass fiber mesh cloth is mainly made of alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth.
Medium alkali alkali-free fiberglass yarn (mainly composed of silicate with good chemical stability) was translated into Salo weave classification with special structure, and then treated with alkali-resistant solution. High temperature heat treatment such as reinforcing agent.
1. Wall reinforcement materials (such as fiberglass wallboard, GRC wallboard, EPS interior and exterior wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.)
2. Reinforcement of cement products (e.g. Roman columns, flues, etc.)
3 Granite, Mosaic Special Net, Marble Back Sticking Net
4 Waterproof cotton sheet, asphalt roof waterproof
5 Reinforcement of Plastic and Rubber Products Framework Material
6 fireproof board
7 abrasive cloth
8. Geotechnical grille for road surface
Sewing belts for buildings, etc.